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The Long Island Business News

When it comes to investing, boring is usually better. In an interview with LIFocus, Charlie outlines the advantages of a passive investing strategy, pointing out that “90 percent of all active managers fail to beat a passively managed index.”

Erickson Tribune

Charlie offers his perspective on investing trends investors need to be aware of 2014—including taking a fresh look at international stocks—in this article from the Erickson Tribune.

Fox Business

In this article on, Charlie explains the important of regularly rebalancing your portfolio. “When your weighting gets out of whack sell some gains and rebalance the part of the portfolio that performed the poorest,” he...

Insurance News Net

In this InsuranceNewsNet article, Charles Massimo discusses changes are afoot in the retirement plan market that could impact the nature and future of the group annuity business—and annuity practitioners who work in and around that...


Even the rich and famous can be duped by fraudulent investments. In this article from MarketWatch, Charlie discusses one of the overlooked financial stories of 2013—a $15 million case of fraud involving a Mexican golf resort, several professional hockey players and...

New York Times

Sometimes, converting a Roth IRA back to a traditional IRA makes sense. Charlie talked to the New York Times about how such a move could help small business owners save money.

The Christian Science Monitor

How did last year’s government shutdown affect stocks? Charlie reviews how the markets reacted to the shutdown, in this article from The Christian Science Monitor.

The Long Island Business News

CJM Wealth was featured in The Long Island Business News article Wealth and Women: Gender-based financial planning for the fast-growing female executive segment.

The Long Island Business News

Charles Massimo discusses Less Risky Business: Alternative Investments Dampen Volatility, Increase Diversification in Portfolios in The Long Island Business News article.

“In his acclaimed first book, Getting Off The Street – Sane Investment Advice from One of the Nation’s Leading Wealth Managers, Charlie Massimo shows us how to cut through the clutter and focus on the key ingredients of investment success.”

Weston Wellington

Vice President, Dimensional Fund Advisors