Getting Off The Street – Sane Investment Advice from One of the Nation’s Leading Wealth Managers.

The book for anyone looking for sound investment advice.

CJM Wealth Management CEO and founder Charles Massimo shares his story, passion and wisdom in his first book, Getting Off The Street – Sane Investment Advice from One of the Nation’s Leading Wealth Managers.

In the book which earned a #1 download spot on, Charlie discusses his journey from college to Wall Street where he learned what really motivates the large investment banks’ recommendations to their clients – profits, not their clients’ best interests. He talks about getting off the street and starting CJM where serving his clients’ interests would prevail.

In Getting Off The Street, Charlie presents the core principles of sound, structured investing:

  • Patience – Over the long run, no one can consistently make better security selections or time the market better than anyone else. Sound investing requires a full-time commitment; a part-time commitment will, at best, deliver partial results. What counts is not timing the market, but time in the market.
  • Discipline – A structured, disciplined investment approach reflects effective diversification, asset allocation and rebalancing. Changing a portfolio when the investor’s long-term goals have not changed is wrong. Over time, portfolios designed to have as little volatility as needed to achieve an investor’s goals, will lead to more successful investing and less emotional turmoil. Conversely, excessive churning inflicts high costs which can significantly erode wealth.
  • Diversification – Broad diversification means spreading the risk and reward within and among asset classes, capturing the full ride of all sectors but with less volatility. Overseas investments can help you grow your wealth faster and reduce risk as American equity markets and international markets generally do not move together.
  • Goal Setting – Structured investing begins with clarity as to the investor’s goals, from wealth preservation and tax mitigation to protecting one’s estate. Structured investing will take a risk, but only if it is a risk worth taking in accord with the goals.
  • Choosing the Right Advisor for You – The most valuable advisor will be able to demonstrate a clear direction represented by a proven process in place for many years.

Getting Off The Street is available online at, and in both hard copy and eBook editions for Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble Nook and Indiebound Kobo. Suggested retail price for the print edition is $17.95.

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Giving Back

A percentage of the profits from the sale of Getting Off The Street is being donated to two charities in which Mr. Massimo is involved – Pal-O-Mine Equestrian (Islandia, NY), a private, not for profit organization providing a comprehensive therapeutic equine program using horses to facilitate growth, learning and healing for children and adults with disabilities, for which he is a Board Member and the Choroideremia Research Foundation, Inc.(Springfield, MA), a 501(c) (3) organization and a major source of support and information on choroideremia, a rare inherited disorder that causes progressive vision loss, ultimately leading to complete blindness.