Impact Investing

Making a positive difference in our world.

Because of our desire to always serve our client’s wishes and best interests, we offer many custom-designed portfolios that align to their social and environmental values. CJM Wealth Management firmly believes that it is possible to do good and still do well — and our impact investing approach generates attractive returns while also acting as a force for good in our world.

Sustainability investing is a choice. Investors decide whether aligning their investment decisions with their environmental values is right for them. At CJM Wealth, we believe that choice should not have to come at the expense of sound investment principles.

We also hold a unique view of corporate responsibility when it comes to the environment. We believe both the supply and demand sides of markets share this responsibility. With the understanding that companies operate to meet demand, we believe that, all else being equal, a sustainability investing strategy should generally reward companies for acting in more environmentally responsible ways than their industry counterparts. This belief is in contrast to many other sustainability investing approaches that exclude entire industries seen as the worst offenders. These approaches do not consider the indirect role companies and consumers play in contributing to climate change by purchasing products from these industries, nor do they consider that companies may be taking actions to reduce their environmental impact.

Consistent with these views, CJM Wealth and Dimensional’s sustainability strategies allow investors to pursue their environmental goals within a highly diversified and efficient investment strategy.

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