One core investing principle. A diverse suite of Advisory Services.

One core investing principle. A diverse suite of Advisory Services.

For wealthy individuals and families, CJM offers a unique approach to investing. We augment this with a multidisciplinary suite of advisory services, and simple reporting and analytics.

Investment Approach

Investing is the core of what we do.

In our view, investing is a marathon not a sprint. It requires strategy, discipline and patience. No one can consistently pick the best stocks or time the market perfectly over the long term. Investing in index funds that mirror the markets limits risk, but can also limit returns. That is why we use time-tested “Tilted Indexing” best practices which “tilt” holdings to higher-performing stocks.

Technically speaking, we apply the “Fama-French” Investment Model to our portfolios through Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). Developed by Nobel Prize-winning economists, the model identifies “dimensions” in specific stocks that outperform others 98.7% over any 20-year period since 1927. In plain English, that means developing a portfolio that combines the perfect balance between risk and return over the long term. This approach ensures lower, transparent fees for our clients.

CJM Wealth is among an elite 1% of the nation’s 250,000 advisors using Fama-French investment models.
Did You Know?
CJM Wealth is among an elite one percent of the nation’s 250,000 advisors using Fama-French investment models.

Reporting and Analytics

Simple visibility across all your assets.
When we first meet with clients, what we hear consistently is that keeping track of all their assets and financial matters can be difficult. They lack a simple way to get visibility into their full financial picture. That’s why we make it easy to see your total financial picture all in one view, available both online and in scheduled reports that we provide.



Not only do we practice what we preach, but our CEO wrote the book on it. Literally. In Getting Off the Street, an Amazon #1 bestseller, Charles Massimo shares his experience from two decades at major financial firms. Find out what Wall Street is hiding and what that means to you.

Getting Off The Street is available online,, and in both hard copy and eBook editions for Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble Nook and Indiebound Kobo.

Advisory Services

Your life has many facets. So do we.
Wealthy individuals and families have diverse needs when it comes to preserving and growing their assets. That’s why we offer a multifaceted suite of advisory services that can be delivered discreetly, or integrated collaboratively across disciplines. We bring together experts from financial, tax, legal, insurance and estate planning to support your unique and changing life’s needs. From investing and building wealth to philanthropy, retirement and wealth transfer, we are there to guide you every step of the way.
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