Autism Focus

Financial Services for Families Impacted by Autism

Financial Services for Families Impacted by Autism

Without question, providing for your child and the related finances can become a major source of stress within families impacted by Autism. Concern for your child’s well-being can be overwhelming, and encompasses everything from his or her health and happiness, to their education, socialization, and overall quality of life.

As the father of two Autistic sons, our CEO, Charles Massimo understands first-hand the complex challenges and opportunities families impacted by Autism face, including things like:

  • The continued cost of raising a child with Autism
  • Ways to maximize savings for their families future
  • Compartmentalizing savings to include: Retirement, Child with Autism's Future, Other Child(s) Future, Family's Future
  • Who will protect, take care of, and make fiduciary decisions on behalf of a child with Autism
  • Planning ahead so that money will last at least two generations

Autism Focus For over 15 years, CJM has been providing comprehensive financial services to our family of clients impacted by Autism.  Our distinctive investment approach, combined with our time-tested philosophy, and mission of putting clients before profits provides a holistic approach to financial wellness. Our goal is to help you not only achieve your financial goals, and build the life you desire, but to always provide a reassuring sense of financial clarity and security. We want to empower you to live the best possible life through an inclusive process of co-creation, guidance and accountability.

Download our complimentary guide titled, “A Wealth Management and Life Planning Process for Families Touched by Autism,” which will walk you through the process of developing a sound wealth management plan for your family, and a life care plan for your family member impacted by autism. The guide also covers essential ongoing support and the resources every family touched by autism should know.