Investment Management

Investment PlanningInvesting is about more than your portfolio. It’s about your life, and having a plan for what you want to accomplish and what it will take to meet your goals. To get where you want to go — whether that means a comfortable retirement, college education for your children, a second home or caring for elderly parents — your long-term plan should be built on a solid investment foundation, one based not on guesswork and speculation but on science, data and academic research.

In our view, investing is a marathon not a sprint. It requires a strategy, discipline and patience. No one can consistently pick the best stocks or time the market perfectly over the long term. Investing in index funds that mirror the markets limits risk, but can also limit returns. That is why we use time-tested “Tilted Indexing” best practices which “tilt” holdings to higher-performing stocks.

Technically speaking, we apply the “Fama-French” Investment Model to our portfolios through Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). Developed by Nobel Prize-winning economists, the model identifies “dimensions” in specific stocks that outperform others 98.7% over any 20-year period since 1927. In plain English, that means developing a portfolio that combines the perfect balance between risk and return over the long term. This approach ensures lower, transparent fees for our clients. We are among an elite one percent of the nation’s 250,000 advisors using Fama-French investment models.

For wealthy individuals and families, we offer a unique approach to investing, which is augmented with a multidisciplinary suite of advisory services, and simple reporting and analytics.