DFA Named One of Five Best-In-Class Fund Companies

CJM Wealth Management is pleased to announce that Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) was named one of the best fund companies by Morningstar, in a recent, extensive study.

“At this point, only five firms have met our lofty standards for a High Parent rating,” said Morningstar’s Director of Manager Research, Russel Kinnel.

The ratings were determined by regular onsite visits, and meetings with key decision-makers, analysts, traders, sales leaders and compliance heads. The study also considered company culture, focus, employee retention, ownership structure, regulatory infractions, signs of less than ethical practices, and most importantly – how well they serve their investors.

Morningstar’s Manager Research Analyst, Daniel Sotiroff said, “Dimensional Fund Advisors continues to be an outstanding steward of its shareholders’ capital. Dimensional’s investment strategies are rooted in research from the top minds in financial academia. These same researchers use a rigorous vetting process when developing new strategies or modifying existing ones. Proposals must be exploitable in a well-diversified, low-turnover, and cost-effective manner.”

“We are proud to share a 15-year relationship with DFA, and appreciate their continued commitment to not only helping secure our clients long-term financial security, but for everything they stand for as a company,” said CJM Wealth Management Founder and CEO, Charles Massimo.

To view the full list of fund companies and their accompanying ratings, click here.

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