Webinar Recap and Video: Dr. Ivy Marcus & Managing Your Anxiety During A Pandemic

Many people are feeling extremely anxious about everything going on in the world today. We would like to thank Dr. Ivy Marcus for sharing her thoughts and expertise on how to cope and manage anxiety during this uncertain time. Please find some key learnings from the webinar below! You can also find a full version of the webinar by clicking HERE.

Fundamental Learnings:

  • We are going through a mental health pandemic
  • We haven’t lost certainty, we have lost the illusion of certainty – we never had the certainty, to begin with.
  • We have no idea what the future holds – but we never knew in the first place.
  • The belief that stress is bad for you is what is actually bad for your physical and mental health.
  • We should manage stress differently rather than get rid of it which is impossible to do anyway.
  • Ways to manage stress:
    • Deep breathing, meditation, yoga
    • Get fresh air, move around, exercise, open the windows
    • Get adequate sleep – do not indulge in sleep.
    • Eat nutritious food. Real food = more benefits
    • Create social connection (Facetime, Phone calls etc.)
    • Don’t talk about the problem constantly
    • Human Touch is crucially important!
    • Be attentive to the myriad of emotions
    • Express your emotions
    • Set a limit on media consumption (1-2 hours /day)
    • Focus on today – be present in the moment.
    • Learn something new
    • Give yourself a pass!
    • Make peace of uncertainty
    • Live in the now!
Thank you for joining us and we hope this webinar was both informative yet calming! If you would like to contact Dr. Ivy Marcus she can be reached at:
Ivy Marcus, Ph.D., C.D.E.
(212) 518-1510

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