401(k) Planning

401k Planning

At CJM, 401(k) is the way it should be – a program that provides expert, fiduciary advice to plan sponsors and their participants, access to some of the most sought-after investment vehicles in the world, and total plan costs that are much lower than many of the programs offered by the large financial services providers.

Our 401(k) Financial Wellness Program Provides Business Owners and Plan Participants With:

Independent Advice
As a Registered Independent Advisor (RIA), we are able to offer conflict-free, consultative advice to you and your plan participants. We take the liability for investment selection and performance monitoring off of the plan sponsor.

We engage participants by understanding their unique financial objectives, and provide them with an educational program to help them reach their goals. Our advisor managed portfolios give participants the ability to turn the management of their 401(k) assets over to experts.

Cost Efficient
Our total plan costs are much lower than many of the programs offered by large financial service providers.

Consistent Evaluation
We deliver a “401(k) Health Report,” which shows valuable statistics – such as the number of people engaged in the plan.