Family Legacy Planning and Financial Planning for the Next Generation

Recent studies have found that about seven in 10 wealthy families lose their fortune by the second generation, and by the third generation, that number jumps to 90%.

At CJM, we strive to provide a clear path toward financial freedom that will last.
For this reason, we created CJM NeXt, a practical solution to educating the next generation about important financial matters. The program is available exclusively to our family of clients and their loved ones, and provides the next generation with an interactive, customized financial education tool. It’s an informative and helpful resource for all ages – from teenagers to adults – and offers insight into a wide range of financial topics.

Talking to your children about the money they will inherit, and how to properly plan so that your wealth will last multiple generations is extremely important. We can help you and your loved ones tackle the preparation, necessary conversations, and plan out expectations surrounding family legacy planning.