Retirement Planning

The need for retirement planning doesn’t end with the onset of retirement. A new retiree’s focus shifts from building wealth to managing and preserving it. One major challenge is to make your investment portfolio supply cash flow for the duration of your life – and through different economic and market conditions. Retirement planning involves assumptions about the future. Although we cannot avoid making these assumptions, we can ask whether they are realistic, and consider how your lifestyle might change.

Although many people are focused on wealth accumulation leading up to retirement, they often forget to plan for the wealth distribution phase during retirement. In addition, physicians typically begin saving for retirement much later than other high earning individuals, so we make sure we take into account the wealth accumulation years you may have lost.

We also take into consideration the five biggest risks you face in retirement, including longevity, inflation, sequence of returns, human emotions and tax rates. We focus on your entire financial journey, assisting with all aspects of your financial plan.