Who We Are

For over 15 years, CJM has been providing comprehensive financial services to our family of clients. We understand each of their unique challenges, and provide unique solutions.
financial advisors

A fiduciary obligation to our clients.

We always work in the best interest of our clients, using a client driven model. We also build empathy, trust, transparency and quality service into everything we do.  

investment management

A time-tested investment philosophy.

Our investment philosophy provides low-risk ways to grow wealth, providing our clients with peace of mind that their path to financial freedom is on the right track.

investment management

Tailored planning and advice.

We help our clients plan on a professional and personal level, for both the expected and unexpected. Our specialized approach to income planning includes the most efficient way to distribute wealth, and how much to withdraw in retirement to maintain your pre-retirement lifestyle.

financial planning

Holistic Approach

Our goal is to help clients not only achieve their financial goals, and build the life they desire, but to always provide a reassuring sense of financial clarity and security. We empower our clients to live the best possible life through an inclusive process of co-creation, guidance and accountability.

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