The Human Side of Wealth Management

“The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping the old ones.”    -John Maynard Keynes



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Avoid Wall Street, their intrinsic conflicts of interests and capture market returns directly for YOU and your family. Let CJM Wealth show you how we can co-create an investment structure for your financial life that is transparent, have you emotionally impervious to market volatility and structured to preserve and appreciate your wealth for you and your future. 




The important thing about an investment philosophy is that you have one you can stick with. Just as a personal philosophy helps you deal with adversity in other areas of your life, a sound investment philosophy can help you withstand the ups and downs and stay the course. At CJM Wealth, our investment philosophy and wealth management systems combine to provide clients with the very best structure for wealth preservation, appreciation and peace of mind for themselves and future generations.


Unlike the Wall Street investment banks and brokerages where investment “advice” is dictated by what benefits their own business first, and not the clients, CJM Wealth strictly puts client needs first. We build engaging relationships based on trust and transparency. The client first approach is a critical component of creating the most successful investment experience possible. At CJM Wealth, performance transcends market returns as we provide extensive investment structure that provides clients with peace of mind from the emotional travails of market volatility.


Chief Executive Officer and author of the the book Getting off the Street, discusses the CJM Wealth Management way of approaching investments and client relationships — and why he left wall street to start this industry leading firm.


“Trust is everything and from the moment I met Charlie I knew I could trust him not only with our life’s savings but also with an overall big picture plan. I couldn’t be happier with the service, the results, & the entire CJM team. They work seamlessly with my accountant and my attorney, clearly putting my family’s best interests at the forefront. Thank you, Charlie, the future looks bright!”

Laurie S., Client Since 2016


“Charlie: I can’t tell you how much of a sense of relief I have after hearing your thoughts about growing our nest egg over the next years…I am thankful for our relationship and your wise stewardship.” – Dr. Chris C., Client Since 2015


“Throughout our partnership, I have been continually comforted by the knowledge that my family’s financial future is in the hands of someone who has such a wealth of knowledge of the markets and the discipline to stick to our plan. In a relationship like this, trust is paramount, and Charlie has my complete faith and confidence.” Dr. Mickey H., Client Since 2007

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There is a better way.

Charlie Massimo knows what Wall Street is hiding because he spent nearly twenty years on the front lines at major financial firms. Feeling disillusioned by the difference between his employer’s goals and those of his clients, Massimo left Wall Street to start a firm that puts its clients’ interests above everything else. Since 2003, his company, CJM Wealth Management, has been doing just that. CJM Wealth’s structured investing is designed around your best interests, but you won’t hear about it through major Wall Street firms because they can’t make money from it.