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At the center of CJM Wealth is the most sophisticated and reliable investment formulas and models available today that deliver, with great confidence, the financial research and information from sources you rely on so much. The Fama-French Model of investing which CJM Wealth relies on has made remarkable contributions to our understanding of finance and economics for over 50 years. The models insights about research and the broader production function of academics and its disciplined implementation of those insights are equally remarkable. The goal of all this analysis and discipline is to maximize the contribution to wealth managers and the work they do on their client’s behalf. The big beneficiaries are the clients and advisors who place money under the Fama-French model of investing. The Fama-French Formula of wealth management proved that investing in very specific asset classes in combination will produce funds that outperform the S&P 500 98.7% of the time over any 25 year period since 1927.

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Tired of the emotional
roller coaster of investing?

All money invested for wealth preservation and long term growth should not produce roller coaster effects. Only trading and short term investing will do that. The roller coaster effect is a result of higher risk management and does not have a place in wealth preservation and long term growth. The Fama-French Method of investing masters risk reduction so you can minimize the tribulations of the roller coaster effect of risky investing. What monies under management at CJM Wealth won’t do is cause you to lose sleep at night.

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For doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals, making the decision to sell their practice is wrought with many emotions, pitfalls and opportunities. Putting the emotions aside, how they proceed from the perspective of avoiding negative tax consequences, maximizing the after-tax return and instituting proper financial and investment planning, can significantly affect their retention of wealth […]

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We have all heard of people about whom it is said, “He or she just can’t seem to hold onto their money.” We also know of very wealthy people who fall in this category and who have lost fortunes. Many of them are those who become suddenly wealthy – professional athletes, actors, trust fund babies […]

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Charles Massimo went from big Wall Street firms to being the CEO of CJM Wealth Management in Deer Park, managing $300 million today. He talked with us about why he left Wall Street and how to best invest with or without an adviser. LIBN Q&A

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