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A wealth manager’s role is not simply to manage your money. That’s a big part of the job, but if the conversations are only about the numbers, the big picture is lost. Successful wealth managers do everything designed to initiate and foster deep, long-term relationships with their current and prospective clients. At CJM, we take the time to learn the big picture, connecting deeply with our clients, resulting in the most successful financial experiences—no matter what the markets are doing. We all have people in our lives we care so deeply about that we would do anything for them.When we are talking about your long-term financial security, the stakes couldn’t be higher. At CJM, we serve and honor you with our values; a partnership based on transparency, communication and integrity.

Tired of the emotional
roller coaster of investing?

You have likely experienced that stock picking is a game of regret. We often make poor choices because we’re convinced that in order to be savvy investors we must regularly buy and sell our investments. Find out why the smartest investors avoid the big risks that aren’t worth taking, avoid the fees of overactive investing, and sleep soundly at night.

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The Book:
Getting off the street

Sane investment advice from one of
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The Book: Getting Off The Street

One-stop guide to investing!

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Getting Off the Street is the investment guide Wall Street hopes you’ll never find. Told with warmth, clarity and wisdom, this book will help you build common-sense portfolios to achieve your financial goals and build the life you desire. Instead of advice that only ties back to the profitability of the brokerage firm offering it, Getting Off the Street is written by someone who always has his clients’ best interests at heart. Learn More...

CJM in the Press

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When it comes to investing, boring is usually better. In an interview with LIFocus, Charlie outlines the advantages of a passive investing strategy, pointing out that “90 percent of all active managers fail to beat a passively managed index.”Read More...

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